Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My First Service Experience

My first service has been completed. Mostly positive with some hiccups. The technician arrived at my office parking lot and called my cell. He was about 30 minutes beyond my scheduled appointment time but this was within reason as far as I'm concerned. I walked down and spoke with him and he reviewed what was to be done with the car. Most items were things initiated by Tesla. These were things like upgraded floor mats including giving me a rear floor mat (Yay!), changing a rear axle nut, and swapping out the J1772 adapter for a new design. I also had an issue with the rear door handle not working - it was extending but it wouldn't open the rear door. He completed all of these items in 2 hours and called me to come down. He then showed me the paperwork - there was no charge for this as everything was under warranty. The service went great. It was convenient having him come to my office.

Then I realized that while he was here, my key got messed up - the top button came off. I'm seeing on forums that this has been happening to others too. So the technician said he'd swap out the key. Unfortunately, this had to be done with WiFi near so his system can connect so I ended up arranging with him to drive to my house where we'd do that part of the service. This of course was an unscheduled service because the key was fine before. So later in the day, he met me promptly at my house and began working on reprogramming new keys. Unfortunately, he experienced some problems reprogramming the keys. It ended up taking over an hour. Finally, he did get it working though so all is good with the keys.

Overall, this was a good first experience with service. I think they are still feeling their way around and refining their system but considering how new this car is, I think they have a good start. The fact that they come right to your office or home (or wherever you ask) is really nice. Its such a drag to have to drop your car off for service. Of course that may still be necessary if they have to do something that requires that the car be lifted, but I would expect that to be fairly rare.

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