Monday, October 7, 2013

The nonsense surrounding the Tesla Model S fire

It amazes me as I encounter all the instant negativity about the recent Tesla Model S car fire. It seems that some people just look for excuses to be negative. For the record, Tesla sent out a letter explaining the details of the car fire including what triggered it and how the car and its safety features performed as a result. You can read it yourself here: Model S Fire.

I think they've adequately explained what happened and it looks like the Model S performed extremely well under the circumstances by giving the driver enough time to pull over and get out of the car safely. This is no surprise to me because every other aspect of the car that I have no driven daily for the last 9 months has proven to me that they took great pains to handle even the smallest details.

What amazes me though is the absurdity of the negativity. I think I've witnessed 2 car fires of gas powered cars in the last 6 months just in my local area.  I suspect that if a gas powered car hit a metal object like that at full speed, it could have resulted in an explosion or at minimum a dangerous car fire. But the naysayers jumped on it like it's the end of Tesla. They really don't get it. Tesla built a beautiful, functional and safe car that has proven itself to be better than any other car on the road. This is my opinion - a proud owner.