Friday, March 28, 2014

Tesla Adds Additional Shielding to Prevent Fires From Impact

Elon Musk posted a blog explaining a new initiative taken by Tesla to further reduce the risk of car fires triggered by impact with road debris. There were two car fires last year caused by the car hitting metal road debris at high speed which punctured the battery compartment beneath the car. The blog can be read at Tesla Adds Titanium Underbody Shield and Aluminum Deflector Plates to Model S.

The main points of interest to me as an owner were:

  • Gas cars had 200,000 car fires last year. The Tesla had two.
  • There are existing safeguards in place to prevent injury because the car warns the driver ahead of time and there is a firewall that protects passengers in case of fire.
  • They are going a step further by adding this new shielding to reduce the risk to "virtually zero"
  • They will retrofit this new shielding into existing cars on request or during normal service.
The blog also has short looping animated GIFs that show video from the undercarriage of the car and how debris impacts beneath the car with the new underbody protection. Take a look at the blog, its very interesting.

My personal take is that I feel like I'm in good hands with Tesla Motors in general. Their service center has taken good care of me so far and I feel like the company is proactively addressing issues with the car with the goal to exceed gas cars in quality and safety. Still pretty happy with my Model S.


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